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About The Pot Exchange


This spring I gave away almost 250 marijuana plants, Free!  All I asked in return, was that if they have excess marijuana in September; they pay it forward.    
Keep what you need and donate the rest to someone else that needs it. 

 ***BE AWARE*** 

The only time you will be asked for money is if you decide you want to trade with another member or donate to another member and that will be for shipping purposes only! 

Please report anyone asking for money for cannabis. 

 The only currency good at The Pot Exchange, is KINDNESS.  

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Our Mission


Our mission is to make cannabis free for anyone that wants it, especially those that need it for managing pain, depression or any other medical reason.

Our Promise to You


This site will always be 100% FREE to use.

If you have a green card but can't afford to buy marijuana. 

Click on the button below and post in the forums what you are looking for.

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FAQ and Links


How do I get Free Marijuana

Enter the Forums by way of the Trading Post. Read the Welcome Message and Rules and follow the instructions there to see where and how you can get Marijuana, seeds or a byproduct of marijuana Free.

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How do I make sure Im not sending marijuana to someone underage?

This is extremely Important! 

You must make every reasonable effort to ensure you are not sending marijuana to someone under the age of 19.


We've thought of a few ways for you to protect yourself and deter any misguided youth from trying to get some free marijuana.

You could ask for I.D. but thats invasive and we wouldn't feel right asking anyone to give up personal information, especially on a public platform.  

So we've come up with a "creative" way to ensure it's not making its' way into young hands.

If you are requesting cannabis in any form; you must supply the grower and The Pot Exchange with a photo of yourself holding a sign that says, "" 

A smile would be nice too because you're not alone, someone cares and we're going to do our best to get you what you need. 

***Be advised that photos become the property of***

How can I become a "Cannabis Hero"?

It's super easy to become a Cannabis Hero.  

  • Log onto the Forums, find someone who needs assistance and send them a message. 
  • Exchange emails, cc 
  • If your age is still in doubt you may be asked for further proof of age.
  • supply your address and pay for your own shipping by sending "secured" prepaid shipping or an e-transfer for "secured shipping" 
  • Most importantly, Pay it forward.

***We recommend creating a new email address to use for this site***

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Planned acts of Kindness

Growers Wanted


Contact us if you would like to become a volunteer grower for The Pot Exchange. Our email address is  We supply the seeds, you keep what you need and donate the rest back to someone in need.     

If you have seeds or other cannabis byproducts you would like to share with others, please post what you're able to share in the Forums.  

And Thank you! Thank you for caring and for doing what you can to help someone who really needs it!

Ontario Cannabis Laws

How We Fight Corporate & Government Greed

Free marijuana

We Help Each Other!

We say a Big "F.U" to the government and their mismanagement of marijuana and we do this by managing it for ourselves!

We devalue it as a commodity by giving it to each other!

Cannabis generated C$186 million in tax revenue in Canada in first few months of legalization and yet many Canadians that rely on it for chronic pain relief or to manage mood disorders went without.

We shouldn't have to choose between putting food in our mouths and paying our bills, over living pain free.

That people with chronic pain and mental illness aren't even on the governments radar shows just how broken and greedy our government has become.

The Pot Exchange hopes to change the face of the cannabis industry with KINDNESS.

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The Pot Exchange gave away almost 250 plants in 2019 

Next give away coming soon.

The Pot Exchange- Changing the world with kindness

The Pot Exchange

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Your support and contributions will enable us to help those most vulnerable to corporate and government greed; the elderly and the chronically ill.

 Your generous donation will help those who need it most. Thank you!

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